Welcome to "Today's Notion"!

Ever catch yourself thinking, "I have a notion"? Here, we delve into those fleeting thoughts and ideas that often go unnoticed but are ripe with potential to enrich our lives.

I'm Steve Melton, your companion on this journey of curiosity and discovery.

Coming from Texas, where the word "notion" is as familiar as the wind in the southern Panhandle, I've lived a life filled with these ephemeral yet profound thoughts. Alongside Darlene, my high school sweetheart for fifty-two years, and our lively family of three children and six grandchildren, I've gathered many notions—ideas, beliefs, and wisdom handed down through generations.

Take, for instance, my father's guiding principle:

"Always tell the truth, because the truth never changes."

This advice has underscored the value of honesty and integrity in every walk of life. Similarly, the principle of "Self Help" has been a cornerstone of my upbringing, instilling in me the importance of lending a hand and enriching our lives while assisting others.

But "Today's Notion" is more than just my anecdotes.

It's a collective canvas on which we can paint our quirky, profound, or everyday thoughts and experiences. Whether it's a spontaneous adventure sparked by a craving, leading to a "tricky trot" down to the DQ for a "Brown Derby," or the cherished wisdom nestled in grandmother's "What Not Shelves," this platform celebrates the diversity and richness of our shared notions.

What notions guide you? Spark your curiosity? Bring joy into your day?

"Today's Notion" is your space to share these moments. Every story and every insight adds a unique brushstroke to our collective masterpiece.

Join us in this exploration.

Share a notion that's brought a smile to your face, ignited recognition, or inspired a new perspective. I'm here to navigate this journey with you, discovering the simplicity and power of notions in our lives.

Looking forward to your stories,


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